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Services and Qualificaitons

We provide a wide variety of services, including:

  1. Qualifications at a Glance

    Principals of the company have over fifty years of combined professional civil engineering mapping experience in California in the following fields:

    • Professional Hydrology Studies
    • Real-time Flood Forecasting Analysis
    • Stormwater Monitoring
    • Deficiency and Design Hydrology Studies
    • Floodplain Management
    • Flood Control Design and Planning
    • Benefit Assessment Program Implementation & Management
    • Geographic Information System Implementation & Management
    • Budgeting and Administration
    • Management of technical, administrative, operations, and maintenance staff
  2. Hydrology and Hydraulics

    • Hydrologic Modeling using Rational Method, Stanford Model and HEC-1/HMS Unit Hydrograph Model
    • Runoff Forecasting based on Quantitative Precipitation Forecast
    • Real-time assessment of flooding conditions and notification procedures
    • Developed numerous hydraulic models of existing and future storm drain systems
    • Completed various storm drain, open channel, closed conduit projects in flood-prone areas, including planning, hydrology, surveying, design, specifications, and construction plans
    • Completed several important flood plain management projects
    • Involved in performing sediment yield analysis for various debris basins
  3. River and Watershed Management

    • Performed detail technical review of Flood Insurance Studies for various communities
    • Prepared numerous Floodplain Map Revision reports
    • Detailed floodplain analysis for Santa Clara River for various storm frequencies and present and future land use assumption. This work is the engineering basis for the Santa Clara River Enhancement and Management Plan floodplain mapping
    • Ventura County Flood Control District Representative and active member of the Flood Protection & Sedimentation Subcommittee for the Calleguas Creek Watershed Management Plan
    • Active member of the Project Team for the Ventura Keys and Arundell Barranca Watershed Project
  4. Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

    • Created numerous geo-spatial products using LiDAR-based data
    • Created special routes coverage of all of Ventura County‚Äôs public roads and culverts with hyperlinks to AutoCAD files of culverts
    • Created GIS project for City of Beverly Hills Master Drainage Plan, including over fifty different layers of information
    • Created the million-dollar Ventura County Watershed Protection District GIS
    • Flood control rights-of-way and ownership information, facilities, permits, 500-scale topography, digital elevation models, hydrologic boundaries, floodplain maps, USGS 7.5-minute quad maps, 1-meter aerial photographs, parcel base map, as well as scanned construction as-builts
    • Flood Warning System application using Spatial Analyst, for the purpose of hydrologic modeling and flood forecasting